Q. I was baptized as an infant, was it valid?
A. No, It is a wrong doctrine to teach that baptism is necessary for salvation. Only by placing our faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross can we be saved. Baptism is an ordinance and was ordered by Christ and His apostles as a demonstration of the believers response to faith.

Q. Are all Christian Churches the same?
A. No, Jesus and His apostles warned against false teachers. Here at ULCF we are determined to teach orthodox Christian doctrine that was shared by the apostles with the first century Christians.

Q. I am divorced, can I re-marry?
A. In most cases yes. A meeting with the pastor to discuss the Biblical view on this matter is recommended.

Q. Should the church allow gay marriage?
A. No, the Church is not a democracy; it is a theocracy and the Word that governs its teachings are eternal and not to be changed to fit popular opinion or political correctness. Here at ULCF everyone (no matter what ethnicity, social standing or sexual orientation) is welcome to experience the life transforming power of the Gospel.