Unashamed is a movement for the youth of ULCF which was started by the  young adults at church who are living for Jesus and are unashamed to serve God — no matter what the secular world tells them.  Discovering that living for Christ completely removes the shame of sin. They are happy and blessed for the growing relationship with the Lord which guides them with unconditional love.  You can come as you are without judgement and be surrounded by other young adults who share the same passion and love for serving Christ.


Unashamed puts on skits at special services and participates in fellowship events together and bible studies throughout the year.

Unashamed is led by Minister Sandra Fernandez and is for ages 13 and up.






“Youth is a place for us to feel comfort and be ourselves while learning more about the Bible and strengthening our faith and spirituality”


“Its definitely a nonjudgmental environment and everyone there makes me feel spiritually secure”

“Youth makes me feel alive. It’s the Friday night I look foward to because I know I’m going to ve strengthened and renewed by God’s presence. I also feel like I’m not alone, I love spending time with friends that I know I can relate to. Our youth isn’t just any kind of youth, we’ve become family… Theres so much love”



“Youth is like one of my safe places. With them, I have experienced different parts of young life that I never would have on my own. Everyone is so caring”


“Its truly a privilege to be able to learn about God in such a spirit filled home with other people my age who are just as eager as I am to learn.”


“Our Youth Leader understands us, that’s rare”


“I feel free, free because, I know that I’m not gonna get judged by the way I show my praise or worship”